Photo Exhibition and Portuguese Snacks

Photo Exhibition and Portuguese Snacks

This weekend I went to a photography exhibition at Artista, a photographic studio and gallery which also doubles up as a venue for many creative events.


A real bonus is that Artista is licensed  and the Portuguese owner Alex Vodoo – as well as being a hard working photographer –  is a great cook and serves up a selection of delicious home-made Portuguese croquettes and the infamous custard tarts.


Having already eaten I didn’t go for the food –    I did squeeze in a delicious “prawny something” –   but to see the first exhibition of photographer Solly Levi.  Although not a local – in is own words he is from “everywhere” – Solly has a healthy obsession with the West Pier and it is the subject of most of his photographs of Brighton and Hove.

He Photographs the pier in all weathers and at all times of day and night, but what makes Solly’s pictures so different is that he distorts and plays with this iconic image and in doing so produces some amazing and very unique photographs of our beloved landmark.


It was a lovely evening and it is always so inspiring to be around people who are passionate about what they do and what they create for themselves and others. I wish both Alex and Solly much luck for all their future projects.



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