This weekend I “did the double”….

This weekend I “did the double”….

at the cinema and I went to see “Legend” starring the Legendary Tom Hardy and  was elevated to new heights watching “Everest 3d”

It was with trepidation that I went to see Everest, billed as having “amazing” special effects and an all-star cast I wasn’t sure if it would cut the mustard with all the hype. I settled in with a glass of  Red and a bag of goats cheese and black pepper popcorn – the best cinema snack I’ve had in years – popped on my 3d glasses over my glasses – always an attractive look – and I was ready to roll and what an epic journey it was. Everest is the story of a failed Everest attempt, it’s beautifully shot, the effects are indeed amazing, the acting is superb and the ending is tragic – that is not a spoiler, it’s pretty evident from the start that it’s not going to end well.

8/10 a great cinematic experience I would definitely recommend going to see.

Legend, on the other hand, was a failed attempt of another kind, it failed to tell you anything about the Krays that you didn’t already know, it was a bit of a nothing. Tom Hardy is utterly brilliant as both the Kray Twins. His Ron is Physco! Physco! Physco! and his Reggie is Hot! Hot! Hot! but sadly he is let down by the rest of the cast and the script.  It was violent, no surprise there, it was about the Krays, but even so, I did spend a quarter of the film with my head in my sweatshirt and my fingers over my ears.

6/10 Even Tom’s lips can’t save this one.




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