Fatto A Mano Pizzeria

Fatto A Mano Pizzeria

After a very disappointing trip to see the highly acclaimed “Lobster” my friend and I waddled along the road from the Duke of Yorks to the highly acclaimed independent pizzeria Fatto A Mano.

I had heard a lot about this new restaurant from friends, another great addition to the regeneration of the up and coming London road.

At 2100  it was packed and we were lucky to get two seats at the bar. I love to sit and watch the chefs at work, and what great chefs, chatty, a little flirty in a charming Italian way and the creators of great pizza.

The menu is small, which is always a good sign that the kitchen knows what they are doing and  that they do it really well because they are not over complicating their concept.

Fatto A Mano makes five Red (with tomato base) and five White (without tomato base) pizzas, 2 Calzones and simple starters, sides and salads. It all comes out from the chefs behind the bar, all freshly made and cooked to order in the blazing pizza oven.

Their wine menu is the same five red and five white’s with a fizz, a rose and some Aperitivo’s – Aperol Spritz for all you fans of hot summer nights – and Digestive’s, tastes to savour if you are slightly older, or shoot down if you are slightly younger – beers, teas, coffees and soft drinks.

I had a Diavola because I like it spicy and my friend had a Capricciosa, a large glass of delicious Sangiovese each and we were stuffed.  Sadly no room for Scugnizzielli Nutella, fried pizza strips COVERED in Nutella, with vanilla gelato on the side! OMG! I couldn’t believe I didn’t have room…. next time.

Dinner was £15 each including a tip, and there will  be a next time, it was far more satisfying than “Lobster.”





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