The Spectacle that is Spectre

The Spectacle that is Spectre

I was never a big fan James Bond fan growing up but the not so recent casting of Judy Dench and Daniel Craig in the leading roles ignited my interest in the series.

A week before the UK release date of Spectre I looked up showtimes at both my local Picturehouse Cinemas  The Duke of Yorks  – England’s oldest cinema –  and Dukes at Komedia, both of them were blanket showing Spectre, on every screen at every possible time for the first week, no other choice of film!

It was Bond Mania, Spectre the biggest, most expensive, most lavish Bond film to date. All the reviews were 5 stars. A gorgeous Monica Bellucci cast as fifty plus old Bond girl rocked it and an opening scene which had involved successfully shutting down Mexico City for the duration. Daniel Craig on Graham Norton, was gorgeous to look at, but he’s defiantly not charismatic like Bond in real life, or maybe he was just knackered and bored of talking about his alter ego?

So I watch Spectre and it’s brilliant! It is indeed a 5-star film. It’s everything you want from a trip to the cinema.

Total escapism, total excitement, some very funny lines, far-flung locations, beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes – Léa Sedoux’s ‘dessert’ outfit was to die for – romance, passion and a physco baddie. Daniel Craig is just brilliant and proof at what at brilliant actor he is. He’s turned around the cliched dinosaur of Bond and made him into a totally believable, lonely man, verging on alcoholism.  Screwed up by his past he shows us the little boy inside just crying out to be loved and listened too. The supporting cast is great, and the English posse of Ralph Fiennes & Co’s clipped, accented, MI6 if slightly camp, are very believable and very amusing.

9.99/10 – It’s Brilliant entertainment. Reserve any judgement until you’ve seen it.




  1. darren menezes
    November 11, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    It was full marks from me too . The opening scene with “the day of the dead” , the camera following the sweeping vistas panning the grand of scale of the Mexico city buildings swept me straight in. Monica Bellucci’s silhouette in mourning and the simple lines of the colonnades complementing the funeral cortege was so stylish . Ther are so many angles to this film to enjoy.. Visually stunning .

    • Jo Fuller
      November 11, 2015 / 8:23 pm

      The production was very slick wasn’t it Darren? I loved the clothes and having been to a Day of the Dean party in Brighton, I’m keen to go to one in Mexico!

      • darren menezes
        November 14, 2015 / 7:05 pm

        Very slick .. Sam Mendes has definitely pulled it out of the hat ! The clothes were quite something.. Daniel Craigs suits were very close cut all very seductive !

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