About Me

I’m Jo, a writer and freelance hairdresser. I am a columnist for The Brighton & Hove Independent, a Huffington Post blogger and I live and work in my hometown of Brighton in the UK.

I have made it to my mid-40s without ever getting married and having children and it may surprise you to know that I’m not a sad and lonely Miss Havisham. I am not sitting at home waiting for a modern day Mr Darcy to rock up to ensure my fairy tale ending.  Hell no! I’m financially independent, I travel, I socialise, have loads of freedom and its time to shout about it.

I know that there are many women like me out there living great lives without husbands and kids and there is no shame in our circumstances, and its about time we had some representation in the media.

There are many blogs and voices out there representing Mums and desperate singles. I am neither and so I aim to be the voice of the awesome demographic of women who will reach old age, not looking after their grandchildren but having more adventures, more fun… and who knows what else……

This blog brings together all the experiences that I have and all the people, places and things that I love.  I want to share those with you, inspire you and bring you insights into a life that isn’t perfect but a life that I get as much out of as I can, sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes it’s a total joy…. sound familiar?

I hope you will enjoy my words, my travels and my musings.  Please feel free to leave comments, contact me or hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram